Mortgage Modification

Mortgage Modification

A loan modification can be the best solution for a struggling homeowner. A loan modification can stop a foreclosure sale date and save your home. It can also lower your monthly payment by reducing your interest rate and or extending the term of you loan, and result in your loan being reinstated so that you are current without the need to pay all the missed mortgage payments. It is generally a very simple process to begin, and the lenders generally make it very simple to file a Massachusetts Loan Modification application. This has an unfortunate effect on the homeowner. To many it seems as though they have found the solution to their problems. Unfortunately, this simple-to-get-started approach disguises the complexity of getting an application for modification approved. Many homeowners complain about getting the run around, being strung along for months and sometimes years while the lender “processes the modification”. In some cases, homeowner applicants are given “TRIAL LOAN MODIFICATIONS” that string them along further, and are then denied after complying with all the requirements of the trial. Only then do they find out that they never really qualified for the Trial Loan Modification. That they were only given the trial modification because the bank personnel that approved the trial did not do the right job. Some have concluded that government incentives paid to the bank for the number of homeowners that are put into trial modifications have created an incentive for banks to put unqualified homeowners into a trial program. The good news is that our group can help.


Debt Settlement FAQ

Debt Settlement FAQ

What is the difference between Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement?

Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement are sometimes heard interchangably, but they are not the same thing. At Wright & Associates, we use a proven Debt Settlement process to work with creditors on your behalf to actually settle the full balance you owe to your creditors for a reduced amount whereas debt consolidation requires you to pay off your debt in full, usually at a reduced interest rate.

Is my credit report adversely affected by enrolling in a debt settlement program?

You may experience an adverse effect on your credit if your debts are current with no history of late payments, but this is not the typical situation for most of our clients. While our program can initially impact your credit negatively, in most cases, our debt settlement program with time, will improve your debt-to-income ratio and your FICO score will improve over time.

How long does each settlement take?

The amount of time you are enrolled in our debt settlement program actually depends on the amount of funds you have available to pay off your creditors. During your consultation, you will establish an affordable monthly payment that will determine how long it will take to settle with all your creditors.

Is my debt information kept confidential?

We are 100% committed to maintaining complete confidentiality. Your information will not be released to anyone except those persons authorized by you to receive information on your behalf. Of course, the creditors will be advised by us that you have contracted our service to assist you.

When I enroll in the program, what will happen to my accounts, can I still use them?

Once you enroll in our program you are not able to use your accounts.

Will I be able to track the progress of my debt settlement program?

Of course. You can call us to check in regarding the status of your account. You will also receive monthly reports that will keep you informed of the activity on your personal settlement account.

Debt Settlement

Who pays the creditors while I am enrolled in the debt settlement program?

Payments will be made from your settlement savings account when we reach agreement with your creditors and there are sufficient funds accumulated.

What if my creditors won’t settle?

This is a very unlikely situation, in that creditors know that if they do not settle accounts, even for a fraction on the debt, they will likely not receive any payment on the account whatsoever. In the unlikely event that a creditor will not settle with our offer, they will return with a counter offer that will still be favorable to you.

Do I have to include all of my creditors into the program for settlement?

You should keep one credit card open for emergency use only and to help strengthen you credit rating once you have finished the program.

Will late fees and interest still accrue on my accounts?

It is not possible to stop a creditor from adding interest or late fees to an account. However, your personalized program will reflect those fees and/or interest, and is incorporated into the Settlement Program. Even if fees are added, we negotiate the debt down to a fraction of what you owe so your savings are much greater than the addition of interest or late fees.


Debt Relief Services

Debt Relief Services

“I’d Rather Go to Bed Without Supper Than Rise in Debt” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The decision to reach out for help with your debt is not one that’s easy to make. You were raised to “do the right thing” and you are desperate for debt solutions, but now it’s nearly unbearable. You struggle along while your creditors are turning up the heat. And now you’re at the point where the late fees, penalties and interest expense make it impossible to keep your head above water.

Ask yourself this. If you could eliminate your debt without permanently damaging your credit, why wouldn’t you?

With millions of Americans in debt, its understandable that various debt relief options have become more and more popular.

The important thing to consider as you review your debt relief options, is to understand the various benefits that different debt relief solutions provide, as well as the impact that debt relief may have on your personal credit.

We are ready to answer your tough questions and help you evaluate all of your options so that you can make an informed decision regarding your particular circumstances. While many people struggle with the same financial problems, no two situations are the same and we have the knowledge, compassion and understanding to assist you during these difficult times.