Car Accident Attorneys – Alcohol-Related Crashes

Car Accident Attorneys – Alcohol-Related Crashes

For many years now, groups from seemingly all walks of life have been working tirelessly to bring evermore awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving. Despite all of these efforts and all of the money that has been spent in furtherance of this worthwhile and noble effort, people continue to make the terrible decision of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. As a result, DUI accidents occur at an alarming rate and people who are seriously injured or killed are often at a loss of how they should proceed to protect their legal rights.personal injury attorneys

Below you will find a brief overview of the statistics regarding car accidents that occur where alcohol is listed as a contributing factor. You will also find information regarding the potential legal rights and options possessed by someone who has been harmed in this manner. Anyone who has been injured by a drunk driver needs to obtain the help of experienced car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

Car Accident Statistics – Alcohol-Related Crashes

According to official records kept by the state, approximately 8,500 car accidents occur every year where alcohol is recorded as a factor. As a result of these accidents, more than 6,300 people are injured and more than 350 people are killed. Broken down further, more than 23 of these crashes occur every day somewhere in the state, and more than 17 people are injured and nearly one person is killed on a daily basis.

DUI Accidents – Potential Legal Rights and Options

When this many people are being injured and/or killed in car accidents where alcohol is a factor, it leads to a high amount of need for people who have been wronged to stand up for their legal rights. Unfortunately, people who are forced into this position are often unaware of those legal rights and options, and others will wrongly assume that they have no personal recourse since the drivers who caused these crashes are often prosecuted.

However, people who are injured in car accidents caused by drunk drivers have the basically the same rights and options that others have who have been injured in crashes where alcohol was not involved. That means that someone who faces this scenario can file a personal injury lawsuit in response to the crash, and successful claims could lead to awards of damages that compensate plaintiffs for their medical costs, their lost income, their pain and suffering and possibly other losses.

People who face this situation do need professional help, as most are not familiar with the legal process and many are not in a medical position to be able to handle a claim alone. If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver, you need to seek the help of car accident lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of those harmed for more than 40 years. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.


Brain Injuries – Accident Lawyers

The brain is very fragile, so any injury to the head has the potential to be a serious one if the brain is affected by it. When the brain is damaged the victim can suffer long-term complications and any number of mental and physical disorders and disabilities. personal injury law

If you have suffered a head injury which wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to make a head injury claim. Whether you can make a successful head injury claim will depend on a number of factors, including the type or severity of head injury and whether another party can be shown to have been at fault.

Head Injury Types

Protecting the head is the most important thing you can do to look after your own safety, because the likelihood is that if your head is injured it will have far more serious consequences for the rest of your life than if any other part of the body is injured. This is why cyclists should always wear helmets, particularly where other traffic is present, and why drivers should ensure their cars have fully functioning airbags to protect their heads in the event of a collision.

Depending on the type of accident which caused it, the severity of a head injury can range from concussion to any level of brain damage and even death. Symptoms can include lack of concentration, fatigue and memory loss or, for more severe injuries, permanent mental or physical disabilities.

Road Accidents

Many head injuries happen during road accidents, and if the other driver was at fault then a head injury claim may be possible.

In these circumstances the danger to the head is high, because on impact the head and brain can be jolted forcefully and move around in unpredictable ways. The head may strike the airbag or another part of the car on impact, and there is no way of telling how this will affect the delicate structure of the brain inside. accident injury attorneys

Even if there doesn’t seem to be any obvious injury straight away, the force of the impact can lead to problems over time, for example if the brain was damaged in a way that isn’t immediately obvious.

Slips and Trips

An accidental fall for example on a wet or slippery surface, or due to an unexpected obstacle, can also lead to the head being injured. Often a broken pavement can lead to an injury, and if the pavement is in a public place then this is one of the circumstances which can lead to a successful head injury claim.

Medical Negligence

If a doctor or other medical professional has been negligent and this has led to an injury to the head or brain, it may be possible to make a successful head injury claim against them.

Physical Assault

Unfortunately, head injuries can sometimes be the result of a deliberate act of violence. Any assault which involves injuries to the head has the potential to be far more serious than assaults on other parts of the body, because of the complexity and fragility of the brain.
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Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyers

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling modes of transport. Not only are they exciting, but motorcycles are also gas efficient and an easy vehicle to use for your commute to and from work or school. They are also one of the most dangerous vehicles to ride. Drivers of other vehicles may have a difficult time seeing the rider of the motorcycle. When an accident involving a motorcycle does take place, the victim often suffers severe injuries. That is because a motorcycle does not offer as much protection as other enclosed vehicles.accident attorneys

Motorcycle riders are in much more danger than drivers of automobiles. They are about 30 times likelier to be killed in a collision. A lot of this has to do with the lack of protection that they have which makes them vulnerable to the environment and vehicles around them. There are many safety precautions that motorcycle riders should take before taking their bike on the road and while riding, including:

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p style=”text-align: justify;”>Wearing a fitted helmet
Wearing leather pants
Wearing a heavy duty leather jacket
Not speeding
Not weaving between lanes
Avoiding blind spots of cars or trucks
Using turn signals
Braking slowly
Not tailgating
Not cutting lanes in traffic

These are some ways to try to avoid getting involved in a motorcycle accident; however, accidents may still happen. All it takes is an automobile driver not paying attention for a few seconds or for a driver to not see a motorcycle and cause a fatal accident.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

It is essential to discuss your legal rights with one of our personal injury lawyers to find out what options are available. You can talk about your case with an attorney who is thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in circumstances related to vehicular accidents. Immediately following the accident, there are a few important steps that you should to take to ensure proper compensation. It is important to remember not to leave the scene of the accident. This can prevent criminal charges. You should also call 911 to report the accident.

Obtaining as much information as possible is essential to building a successful case. Exchange all necessary driver and insurance information with all other parties involved. If you are able, be sure to retain the contact information of any witnesses and take pictures of the accident and all vehicles. These are some of the elementary steps that you need to take after being involved in a motorcycle accident. You will also need to obtain medical attention. Our firm can help you build a strong case after you have taken the necessary steps explained above. Our primary goal is to help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. You may be eligible to receive compensation for things such as medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, psychological damage, bodily harm and many other areas of suffering. Motorcycle accidents generally involve severe injuries including:

Severe burn injuries
Broken bones
Brain damage
Head trauma

Due to the lack of protection a motorcyclist has, the consequences of an accident can be devastating. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another party, seek compensation for your suffering. Hold the negligent party responsible by teaming up with an experienced personal injury attorney from our firm who has the experience and knowledge necessary to fight your case. Set yourself up to have the best opportunity possible at recovering the compensation you deserve; Contact the Law Offices today! More here @