Premises Liability Claims

Premises Liability Claims

If you, a friend or family member have suffered a serious injury as a result of a slip and fall or trip and fall on another person’s property you may have a claim. Property owners, including home owners, businesses and landlords, have a duty to people who come onto their property to protect them from dangerous conditions or defects which may cause a slip and fall injury. They owe a duty to use reasonable care to see that those portions of the property which the visitor is likely to use are safe.

When you fall on another person’s property it is not automatic that they will be responsible for your injuries. You must establish that the property owner is negligent and therefore liable for the damages you suffered as a result of your fall down injury.

Request a free consultation and claim evaluation to determine if you may have a claim. There are no fees or expenses until we win your case. Every case has a time limit, so it is important that you make sure your legal rights are protected.

Examples of some defects which may exist and result in a personal injury claims for premises liability include:

    • Liquid from a leak or spill
    • Snow or ice which is not properly removed or treated

Premises Liability Claims

  • A cord, rug, or other object which creates a hazard in a walkway or path
  • Defective pavement or steps which cause a fall
  • Water from cleaning the floors for which there are inadequate warnings

While there is no duty to warn of open and obvious defects which exist, if the visitor’s conduct was not unreasonable under the circumstances, the property owner may be liable for a defect on the property which causes an injury. An experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer can investigate the circumstances surrounding your fall and determine if you may be entitled to compensation.

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